Our Services

GDAAR Foundation: Serving the Global & Ghanaian Diaspora, Empowering Communities

Our Core Services

  • In-Country Assistance: We streamline the process of settling into Ghana for members of the global diaspora and returning Ghanaians. We provide thorough information sharing and support resources to ease your transition.
  • Visa on Arrival and Related Services: We provide expert guidance and facilitation for those eligible for Ghana’s visa on arrival program and other related visa services. Our goal is to simplify the immigration process for individuals with reciprocal visa agreements with Ghana.
  • Quality Education: We are dedicated to ensuring access to quality education, believing it is the foundation for individual and community growth. Our projects focus on building capacity and opportunities in the education sector.
  • Peace and Justice: Our organization upholds the principles of peace and justice. We champion initiatives that foster peaceful communities and advocate for a just society.
  • Social Venture and Intervention: Through innovative social ventures and targeted interventions, we aim to solve pressing social challenges and address areas of deprivation within our communities.
  • Advocacy: GDAAR is a strong voice for the global and Ghanaian diaspora. We advocate at all levels, from local communities to the federal government, to ensure the rights and well-being of diaspora members are upheld.
  • Environmental Protection: We are deeply committed to safeguarding our environment. Our initiatives prioritize sustainability and actions that combat environmental degradation.
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